What is "Hard" or "Creamed" Honey?
All Pure Raw Honey will naturally crystallize in time.  Hard Honey is 100%
Pure Raw Honey we have caused to crystallize very finely by a cold process
which keeps it soft and spreadable over time.

Hard Honey is very popular in Europe and is gaining popularity here in
America.  It is easier to use and less messy.

Hard, or Creamed Honey will not become harder over time like all Honey
eventually will.

If honey is less messy, more versatile and easier to use, you will use more
honey.  Honeybees make honey and they also pollinate 80% of all the food
we eat, so they are very necessary to our lives.  

If you use more honey, you will naturally buy more honey. When you buy
local honey it allows beekeepers like us to raise more Honeybees which
benefits us all.
Creamed Honey, Spun Honey, Whipped Honey, Honey Spread  or Hard
Honey are terms used to describe pure raw honey that has been "seeded"
with very fine honey crystals, then stored at the optimum temperature of
55F to induce and accelerate the normal crystallization process to happen
on a very fine template. This is done to make the honey spreadable and
easier to use, and to keep the honey from crystallizing more coarsely over
time. Hard Honey is 100% Pure Raw Honey. Nothing has been added or
Why should I use "Hard Honey"?
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Most Supermarket Honey is not raw and is most likely
from other countries, like China, India or Argentina.
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